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Are you sick of being bombarded by salespeople after requesting a car insurance quote?

Avoid the comparison sites and the spam that follows - get contacted by ONE knowledgeable local insurance agent, instead of getting spammed by 30 different carriers!

Tired of relentless sales calls post an auto insurance quote? Experience relief with LA Insurance. Our Cheap Car Insurance Colorado quotes respect your peace. Get coverage without the hassle. Escape the constant sales pitch while securing your vehicle with Car Insurance Colorado. At LA Insurance, we prioritize your needs, offering affordable solutions that align with your budget. Say goodbye to overwhelming salespeople and hello to comprehensive, wallet-friendly coverage. Your quest for stress-free insurance ends here. Trust LA Insurance for a seamless experience. Receive your quote today and discover the difference.

Are you in search of affordable car insurance in Colorado? Look no further! At LA Insurance, we offer cheap car insurance options tailored to your needs. Our expert team understands the importance of finding reliable coverage without breaking the bank. With our extensive network of insurance providers, we can help you secure the best car insurance rates in Colorado. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to protecting your vehicle. Trust LA Insurance to provide you with comprehensive coverage at a price you can afford. Get peace of mind on the road and save money with our cheap car insurance options in Colorado.

At LA Insurance, we specialize in providing affordable car insurance in Denver & Colorado. When you request a quote, our dedicated team connects you with a local agent who handles the entire process of gathering auto insurance quotes on your behalf. You can expect to receive these quotes conveniently through a simple, straightforward email or phone call. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your data is not shared, so you won't be bombarded with multiple daily calls from various insurance carriers. With our focus on cheap car insurance in Denver & Colorado, we strive to provide you with the best coverage options at the most affordable rates.

If you're a resident of Denver, CO, and on the lookout for affordable car insurance, you're in luck! Finding cheap car insurance in Denver, CO doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right approach and knowledge, you can secure the coverage you need without breaking the bank. When it comes to car insurance in Denver, CO, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, it's crucial to compare quotes from different insurance providers. Shopping around allows you to explore various options and identify the most competitive rates available. Another tip for obtaining cheap car insurance in Denver, CO is to maintain a clean driving record. Insurance companies often reward safe drivers with lower premiums, so practising responsible driving habits can lead to significant savings. Additionally, consider bundling your car insurance with other insurance policies, such as home or renters insurance, from the same provider. Many insurance companies offer attractive discounts for multiple policies, helping you save even more on your overall coverage costs. Furthermore, adjusting your coverage limits and deductibles can impact your insurance premiums. While it's essential to maintain adequate coverage, you can tailor your policy to suit your needs and budget. Securing affordable car insurance in Denver, CO involves comparing quotes, maintaining a clean driving record, bundling policies, and adjusting coverage options. By employing these strategies, you can find the right car insurance at a price that fits your budget and provides the protection you need on the road.

Why Choose L.A. Insurance of Colorado for Your Car Insurance Needs?

NO CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED - Request a quote from LA Insurance & let us do all the shopping around, plus we don't need to run a credit check to generate accurate quotes!
Cheap Car Insurance in Denver, Colorado from LA

Are you looking for affordable car insurance in Colorado? Look no further! At LA Insurance, we offer the best rates and comprehensive coverage options tailored to your needs. Our team of experts is committed to helping you find cheap car insurance in Colorado without compromising on quality. Whether you reside in Denver or any other city, we've got you covered. With our extensive network of trusted insurance providers, we'll find you the most competitive quotes in the market. Protect your vehicle and drive with peace of mind. Get in touch with LA Insurance today and secure your car insurance in Colorado at an unbeatable price.

L.A. Insurance has been around since 1992, and since then, we've expanded our operations to cover a large part of the country. Don't mistake us for a large corporation, however; we're a franchise of individually owned, independent agencies, so you can be sure that you get the best prices from the best providers when you work with us.

Turn to us today for the auto insurance you need in Colorado. Call us at (720) 996-9696.

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Colorado Drivers | L.A. Insurance of Colorado

Serving the Metro Denver Area Including Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Longmont & Thornton with Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes & Car Insurance Policies in Denver, Colorado from LA InsuranceAuto insurance keeps you safe on the road from all sorts of dangers and risks, and L.A. Insurance wants to help you find the right coverage. We focus on helping you personalize your plan so that you stay protected at all times while not overpaying for coverage you don't need. If you want to find the best auto insurance policy for you in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas, contact us at L.A. Insurance. Important coverage options for a variety of drivers include comprehensive, collision, liability, uninsured or underinsured motor vehicle, and medical payments, to name a few. Your needs will vary based on the vehicle you want to insure, and your budget. L.A. Insurance is here to provide options and help you choose the right auto insurance policy for your needs.

LA Insurance serves drivers from across the state of Colorado with locations in:

Car Insurance Requirements for Colorado Drivers

Automobile owners in Colorado are required to carry liability insurance. Liability insurance covers bodily injury to another person or property damage to another's vehicle or property when the insured is at fault for an accident.

The following minimum coverages are required by the state, although higher coverages may be purchased:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death to any one person in an accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death to all persons in any one accident
  • $15,000 for property damage in any one accident

Self‑insurance. Any individual who has over 25 vehicles registered to his or her name may qualify as a self‑insurer by applying for a certificate of self‑insurance from the state Insurance Commissioner. The Insurance Commissioner must ensure that the individual will be able to pay the minimum coverages required by the state. For more information on self‑insurance, contact the state's Division of Insurance within the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

How much does car insurance cost in Denver?

Attention all Denver drivers! Did you know that the typical driver pays $1,949 per year for car insurance, which is more expensive than the statewide average in Colorado ($1,757) and the national average ($1,548). That's a lot of hard-earned cash going towards something that none of us really wants to use. But what if we told you there was a way to save on car insurance without sacrificing coverage? That's where we come in. Our team of experts has scoured the Colorado insurance market to find you the best deals on car insurance. We specialize in cheap car insurance in Colorado, and we're ready to help you save. Don't let high premiums keep you from hitting the road. Keep reading to learn more about how much you can expect to pay based on your marital status, age, credit score, and other common factors in Denver.

Denver car insurance premiums by company

Looking for the best car insurance rates in Denver? Don't settle for the first quote you receive, because the company-by-company differences in rates can be substantial. It's important to take the time to compare quotes thoroughly and choose your auto insurer carefully to ensure you're getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Here at L.A. Insurance, we're committed to helping our customers find the best deals on car insurance. Our team of experts will work with you to identify your unique needs and find a policy that meets those needs without breaking the bank. For a typical insurance customer, USAA provides Denver's cheapest rates. See below the best options for affordable auto insurance in Denver. Don't forget to get car insurance quotes based on your driving profile.

Average Annual Rate by Insurer:

  • USAA $1,150
  • GEICO $1,241
  • State Farm $1,540
  • Allstate $2,031
  • Progressive $2,451

Denver car insurance premiums by age

The age group that enjoys the lowest auto insurance rates in Denver are drivers in their 50s, who pay an average of $1,736 per year. Rates for Denver drivers in their 60s are also relatively affordable, at just $1,761 per year.

Teenage drivers pay Denver's most expensive auto insurance rates. When Denver drivers hit their 20s, their insurance rates drop substantially. The cost differential between the auto insurance rates paid by teenage drivers and drivers in their 20s in Denver is $4,539, the largest such difference between any two age groups.

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need for Your Vehicle?

LA Insurance Cheap Car Insurance Denver, ColoradoMany people don't know how much insurance is right for them. Different factors affect the answer to this question, such as your type of vehicle and its value, your existing assets, your previous driving record, and how much you want to pay out of pocket. Auto insurance can help protect you from costs related to auto accidents and other types of losses, such as the theft of your car. Your auto insurance policy is a contract for which you pay a certain amount or — “premium” — to your insurance company in exchange for the coverages you select.

Then, you also have to figure out which coverages are right for you. You have to decide between comprehensive, collision, liability, uninsured motorist, and a host of other options. So you can see why a lot of people end up buying too much coverage.

Here at L.A. Insurance, we'll work closely with you to make sure that you get the exact plan that you need. We'll discuss your needs, your budget, and your situation to find you the right policy. We even have rideshare policies for drivers working for Uber, Lyft, or other providers.

What Types Of Car Insurance Does L.A. Insurance Offer?

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage includes both bodily injury and property damage liability coverage and is required in most states. This coverage provides compensation for injuries to others, and for the damage your vehicle does to another person's property if you cause an accident.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is coverage you can add to your car insurance policy to help when you find yourself stranded due to unexpected car trouble — like a dead car battery. These unexpected things can happen when you're at work, out running errands, or even when you’re at home.

Loan/Lease Gap Insurance

Gap insurance, also known as loan/lease insurance, can help protect you if your vehicle is financed or leased. If your vehicle is totaled (deemed a total loss), this coverage may pay the difference between the actual cash value of the vehicle and the unpaid balance of the auto loan or lease.

How can LA Insurance help you save on car insurance?

LA Insurance agents will speak directly with you to understand your auto insurance needs and find the best policy for you based on your budget and situation. Our insurance agents will also deal directly with all of the insurance carriers, so you can avoid the inconvenience of the constant stream of phone calls from insurance salespeople.

In addition to navigation the long list of insurance carriers and different types of policies, our agents will also help you find ways to lower your auto insurance premiums.

Here are a few ways we try to lower your insurance costs:

We Shop Around on Your Behalf
Prices vary from company to company, so it pays to shop around. LA Insurance agents get at least three price quotes, but oftentimes we get upwards of six quotes from competing insurance companies.

The quotes requested by LA Insurance are from different types of auto insurance companies. Some sell through their own agents and others sell through independent agents who offer policies from several insurance companies.

LA Insurance is always trying to find you the best deal on auto insurance, but we don’t shop based solely on price. LA Insurance helps you pick an insurance policy and company based on a detailed conversation where our agents take the time to ask important questions about your insurance needs.

If You Haven't Bought a Car Yet, We Help You Compare Insurance Costs Among Different Models
Before you buy a new or used car, LA Insurance can help you compare insurance costs between different makes and models of cars. Car insurance premiums are based in part on the car’s price, the cost to repair it, its overall safety record and the likelihood of theft. Many insurance companies offer discounts for features that reduce the risk of injuries or theft -- LA Insurance can help you find a car that will keep your car insurance premiums low. During this process, we reference information from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( in addition to getting actual quotes from insurance companies.

Pick a Plan with a Higher Deductible
An insurance policy's deductible is what you pay before the insurance policy starts covering costs. By requesting higher deductibles, you can significantly lower your monthly insurance premiums. For example, increasing your deductible from $200 to $500 could reduce your collision and comprehensive coverage cost by up to 30%; increasing the deductible to $1,000 could reduce the premium by 40% or more. Before choosing a higher deductible, be sure you have enough money set aside to pay it if you have a claim.

Consider the Age & Blue Book Value of the Vehicle
Consider dropping collision and/or comprehensive coverages on older cars and cars that don't have much resale/salvage value. If your car is worth less than 10x the premium, purchasing the coverage may not be cost effective and the smart move is likely to go with the minimum insurance coverage required by state law. You can find your car's value online at Kelley’s Blue Book ( Also, always remember to review your auto insurance policy at the time of renewal to determine if your insurance needs have changed and if you should adjust your auto insurance coverage.

Buy your homeowners and auto coverage from the same insurer
Many insurers will give you a break if you buy two or more types of insurance. You may also get a reduction if you have more than one vehicle insured with the same company. Some insurers reduce the rates for long-time customers. But it still makes sense to shop around! You may save money buying from different insurance companies, compared with a multipolicy discount.

Maintain a good credit record
Establishing a solid credit history can cut your insurance costs. Most insurers use credit information to price auto insurance policies. Research shows that people who effectively manage their credit have fewer claims. To protect your credit standing, pay your bills on time, don’t obtain more credit than you need and keep your credit balances as low as possible. Check your credit record on a regular basis and have any errors corrected promptly so that your record remains accurate.

Take advantage of low mileage discounts
Some companies offer discounts to motorists who drive a lower than average number of miles per year. Low mileage discounts can also apply to drivers who car pool to work.

Ask about group insurance
Some companies offer reductions to drivers who get insurance through a group plan from their employers, through professional, business and alumni groups or from other associations. Ask your employer and inquire with groups or clubs you are a member of to see if this is possible.

Seek out other discounts
Companies offer discounts to policyholders who have not had any accidents or moving violations for a number of years. You may also get a discount if you take a defensive driving course. If there is a young driver on the policy who is a good student, has taken a drivers education course or is away at college without a car, you may also qualify for a lower rate.

The key to savings is not the discounts, but the final price. A company that offers few discounts may still have a lower overall price.

When you comparison shop, inquire about discounts for the following:

  • Antitheft Devices
  • Auto and Homeowners Coverage with the Same Company
  • College Students away from Home
  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Drivers Ed Courses
  • Good Credit Record
  • Higher deductibles
  • Low Annual Mileage
  • Long-Time Customer
  • More than 1 car
  • No Accidents in 3 Years
  • No Moving Violations in 3 Years
  • Student Drivers with Good Grades

Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how you can find the best auto insurance for your needs, as well as finding cheap auto insurance. When you type in "auto insurance near me", you want the best possible answer. L.A. Insurance can help you get started with affordable auto insurance that also provides great coverage whether you commute to work consistently, or you need to insure your car for leisurely driving.
LA Insurance Cheap Car Insurance in Denver, Colorado

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El seguro de automóvil más asequible está a una llamada, un clic o una visita de distancia. En L.A. Insurance, realmente lo entendemos. Es por eso que le ofrecemos opciones en cada paso del camino. Desde opciones de cobertura económicas, servicios adicionales y excelentes planes de pago, y hasta descuentos para ahorrar dinero; estamos aquí para ayudarlo a conseguir la mejor póliza de seguro de auto para sus necesidades. Desde 2007, L.A. Insurance of Colorado ha ofrecido a los conductores de todo Colorado seguros de automóviles económicos con servicio de calidad, independientemente de su historial de seguros. Sin importar las circunstancias, L.A. Insurance siempre ha trabajado junto a miles de conductores para identificar la mejor póliza para sus necesidades, y también estamos listos para ayudarlo.


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