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Compare quotes for cheap motorcycle insurance in Colorado. LA Insurance will help you find the best and most affordable insurance coverage for you and your bike.

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Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Colorado

in Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Arvada, Longmont, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Thornton, CO

Choosing the right insurance policy is much like choosing the right bike. You want it to fit your needs and lifestyle, but at the same time be within your budget. Although most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, other types of coverage are usually optional. Colorado is full of beautiful nature and bountiful geography, which makes it perfect for a scenic motorcycle ride. It’s no surprise that over 180,000 Coloradans own and ride bikes, especially to commute to work. If you’re a Colorado motorcyclist, you want the best protection at a cheap rate. That’s where L.A. Insurance can help, providing excellent motorcycle insurance for Coloradans. Our Colorado motorcycle insurance policies feature liability, collision and comprehensive options with high coverage limits to fit your lifestyle.

L.A. Insurance offers coverage for custom or classic motorcycles, touring bikes, sport bikes, cruisers, trike conversions, imports and scooters.

Don't want to wear your helmet? We got you covered! Want OEM parts for your Harley? We got you covered!

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Why Trust L.A. Insurance of Colorado With Your Motorcycle Insurance?

L.A. Insurance Cheap Motorcycle Insurance In Colorado

L.A. Insurance has been around since 1992, and since then, we've expanded our operations to cover a large part of the country. Don't mistake us for a large corporation, however; we're a franchise of individually owned, independent agencies, so you can be sure that you get the best prices from the best providers when you work with us.

Turn to us today for the Motorcycle and Off-Road-Vehicle insurance you need in Colorado. Call us at (720) 996-9696.

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What Does Motorcycle Insurance Typically Cover?

  • Fire Department
  • Emergency Expense
  • Vacation Liability
  • Personal Effects
  • Windshield Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Physical Damage Protection while in Mexico

Off-Road Vehicle/ATV Insurance

L.A. Insurance Cheap Motorcycle Insurance In Colorado

Coverage available for off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, ATVs (3-, 4- and 6-wheel).

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) insurance from L.A. Insurance helps protect you and your off-road vehicle if you get in an accident. Each coverage has different limits that you can increase for extra protection. Our Off-Road Vehicle insurance can help cover costs caused by specific types of hazards. These include:

  • Collisions
  • Fires
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Hail
  • Falling objects

In addition to ATVs, L.A. Insurance also insures other types of off-road vehicles such as utility vehicles (UTVs), golf carts, dune buggies, trail bikes, go-karts, Segways and more. The new L.A. Insurance off-road vehicle program has been developed to help you enjoy every trip off the beaten path.

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What Types Of Motorcycle Insurance Does L.A. Insurance Offer?

Collision Coverage

This type of coverage pays out for damage to your motorcycle, minus your deductible amount. A deductible is the amount you select when you buy your policy that’s deducted from a claim check.

Comprehensive Coverage

Pays out if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged by something other than a collision with another vehicle. Animal collisions are covered. A deductible applies.

Personal Injury Coverage

Generally pays out for medical bills for injuries you, your passenger or pedestrians suffer in an accident regardless of who’s at fault. Although some insurers offer PIP, some states may not allow insurance companies to sell the coverage to motorcyclists because of their high rate of accidents.

Motorcycle Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

An L.A. Insurance motorcycle insurance policy can help protect your bike, scooter or trike — whether it's your main mode of transportation or your weekend ride. And, insurance can help protect you in case of an accident. In fact, many states require motorcyclists to purchase minimum amounts of insurance coverage in order to drive legally on the road.
 L.A. Insurance Cheap Motorcycle Insurance In Colorado

Seguro Para Motocicletas

Elegir la póliza de seguro adecuada es muy parecido a elegir la moto adecuada. Uno desea que se adapte a nuestras necesidades y estilo de vida, pero que al mismo tiempo esté dentro de su presupuesto. Aunque la mayoría de los estados requieren que tenga una cobertura de responsabilidad mínima, otros tipos de cobertura suelen ser opcionales. El estado de Colorado está lleno de una naturaleza muy hermosa y abundante geografía, lo que lo hace perfecto para un paseo panorámico en motocicleta. No sorprende que más de 180,000 habitantes de Colorado posean y anden en motos, especialmente para ir al trabajo. Si usted es un motociclista de Colorado, y quiere la mejor protección a un precio económico. L.A. Insurance puede ayudar, brindandole un excelente seguro de motocicleta para usted y todos los habitantes de Colorado. Nuestras pólizas de seguro para motocicletas en Colorado cuentan con opciones integrales, de responsabilidad civil y de colisión con altos límites de cobertura que se adaptan a su estilo de vida.


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