How To Choose Homeowners Insurance in Colorado

In this guide, our Colorado insurance experts at LA Insurance go through the top 5 considerations when choosing an insurance policy for your home, and how to choose homeowners insurance in Colorado.

How Much is Homeowners Insurance In Colorado?

The average cost of a Colorado homeowners insurance policy is starting at $1,863 per year for a coverage limit of $250,000. This number is much higher than the average annual national cost of homeowners insurance, which is sitting around $1,383 per year. Colorado’s average cost of home insurance is higher than the neighboring state of Utah, where homeowners pay $668 per year on average for $250,000 in dwelling coverage and is also higher than the average annual cost of homeowners insurance in Wyoming, which is only $902 per year for the same dwelling limit. Colorado’s winter weather conditions, including snow and hailstorms, are the reason for the state’s higher premiums.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Loss In Colorado?

The best home insurance companies in Colorado consider the state’s unpredictable weather hazards, which are the cause of many property claims. Below is a summarized list of some of the common losses that impact Colorado homeowners.

LA Insurance How To Choose Homeowners Insurance in Colorado

Water Damage

Water damage caused by flooding is common in a Colorado spring, when melting snow causes rivers, lakes, and ponds to overflow. Regarding this, our L.A. Insurance experts recommend that you consult with your insurance agent about the advisability of flood insurance, even if you don’t live near a large body of water. Additionally, you can find out if you live in a flood-prone area by checking out FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center, which allows you to input your address and find out your flood risk. The Triple-I recommends all Colorado residents consider purchasing flood insurance as 90% of U.S. natural disasters involve flooding.

Hail Damage

According to resources, Colorado ranks second place in the U.S. for the highest volume of hail claims filed by homeowners. Colorado also ranks fifth for the number of major hail events, which refers to hailstorms where the individual pieces of hail are one inch in diameter or larger. Hailstones, especially larger ones, can cause severe damage to your home’s roof, gutters, and windows. Some insurance companies may exclude damage caused by hail, so be sure to inquire about hail damage upon getting your insurance quote.


Fire and lightning damage are unforeseen and can cause expensive homeowners insurance claims. Since wildfires occur quite frequently in Colorado, homeowners especially located in the Rockies are at risk of fire damage due to the mountain ranges being rural or forested areas mostly. As wildfires become more common, it is becoming harder for homeowners in states like Colorado to find fairly priced homeowners insurance.


Regardless of where you live in the U.S., theft is something that homeowners, especially those in urban areas, such as Denver should be aware of and ward against to the best of their ability. Strong window and door locks, and even security cameras can help protect your home and reduce the risk of filing a theft claim in Colorado. Be safe, and always remember to lock your doors.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options In Colorado

Standard Colorado homeowners insurance policies include coverage for theft, hail damage and fire damage. Furthermore, there are other potential causes of damage may not be included and require an endorsement or additional policy. To better protect your Colorado home, consider adding coverage that extends past your standard policy. Some of your additional insurance options include:

Flood Insurance

Coverage helps pay for resulting damage to your home’s interior structure or personal belongings due to flooding. This coverage is typically not included in Colorado homeowners insurance policies.

LA Insurance How To Choose Homeowners Insurance in Colorado Musical Instrument Coverage

Musical Instrument Coverage

Colorado is thriving with musical talent, but those instruments are expensive and musical instrument coverage is there to help protect or replace your damaged instruments.

Water Backup Coverage

Sewer and sump pump backups are more common than you’d might think and can happen at any time. Water backup coverage is optional, although you should compare its additional premium cost versus the potential out-of-pocket expenses for water damage occurring within your home and belongings.

Are Frozen Pipes and Other Winter Issues Covered By Homeowners Insurance In Colorado?

Yes. Coverage for frozen pipes and other winter problems that Colorado homeowners may have been confirmed to be provided for this kind of problem. Homeowners insurance doesn’t have exceptions for Winter weather causing unpredictable home damage, however it can cost you more than the average states homeowners insurance policy.

What Does Personal Property Insurance Cover in Colorado?

Personal property coverage covers personal property that’s owned or used by you, at any location in the world. As an example: your luggage, jewelry, clothing, purses, and electronics are considered personal property and will all be covered under your policy. But keep in mind, your personal property is only covered up to your policy limit and, depending on its category, there are special caps on the amount we’ll pay out in the event of a loss.

For example, a standard homeowners insurance policy typically would cover your jewelry, and personal items in a category up to $2,000. Meaning, we’ll only pay $2,000 at most for a covered loss to these items. If your items are worth more than that, you can add on scheduled property coverage to increase your limits for those kinds of items.

How Can I Get a Quote for Home Insurance and Compare Policies?

Get a quote for Homeowners Insurance in Colorado. Owning a home means having to protect it any cost, that’s why L.A. Insurance provides great options for your home and the protection of your assets. Get Homeowners or Mobile Home Insurance from L.A. Insurance for your ease of mind. We proudly service customers throughout Colorado, including Fort Collins, Pueblo, Greeley, Arvada, Englewood, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Denver, CO.